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MARCH In Your Own Healing - A Framework

MARCH Framework 2024 CCM Education Group-1In the wake of the tumultuous season marked by COVID-19 and the global outcry following the tragic deaths of George Floyd and countless others, a profound need for healing and transformation within our communities and especially among our educators and leaders became glaringly evident. The MARCH Framework for Healing emerged as a beacon of hope and action in this time of deep reflection and societal upheaval. Inspired by the poignant words of James Baldwin and fueled by the collective yearning for a world where compassion and humanity reign supreme, this framework is more than just a set of principles; it's a call to action for all those who stand at the intersection of education and social justice.

The MARCH Framework—centered on Mind, body & spirit; Amplifying good news; Rising with resilience; Creating brave care spaces; and Holding onto hope—was conceived not just as a response to the immediate crises but as a sustainable approach to nurturing the well-being of educators and school leaders who carry the heavy burden of guiding our youth through these challenging times. It recognizes the complex tapestry of experiences that educators of color, in particular, navigate daily, seeking to provide them with a holistic support system that acknowledges their unique struggles and strengths.

Takeaways from the MARCH Framework:

  1. Holistic Well-being is Fundamental: The framework emphasizes the importance of nurturing the mind, body, and spirit, recognizing that true healing and resilience stem from a balanced approach to self-care. Educators are encouraged to adopt practices that foster mental clarity, physical health, and spiritual peace, thereby enhancing their ability to serve their communities effectively.

  2. Community and Belonging are Key: At its core, the MARCH Framework advocates for the creation of brave care spaces where educators and students alike can feel safe, valued, and understood. It champions the idea of the "beloved community" where empathy, mutual respect, and unconditional support are the cornerstones of every interaction.

  3. Resilience Through Positivity and Hope: In the face of adversity, the framework serves as a reminder of the power of amplifying good news and holding onto hope. It encourages educators to highlight and celebrate the successes within their communities, however small, fostering an environment where resilience is built on a foundation of optimism and collective achievement.

  4. Action-Oriented Approach: The MARCH Framework is not just theoretical; it's a practical guide that offers educators actionable steps to integrate these principles into their daily lives and work. Whether it's through mindfulness exercises, community-building activities, or advocacy efforts, the framework provides a roadmap for those committed to making a tangible difference.

In crafting this blog post, the intention is not only to share the genesis of the MARCH Framework but also to offer a source of solace and strength to educators and school leaders striving to navigate these turbulent times. It's a testament to the power of collective healing and the unyielding belief in the potential of every individual to rise above adversity and champion a world where equity, compassion, and human dignity are not just ideals but lived realities.

If you are interested in downloading the complete framework, click here.