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CCM Education Group partners with school leaders, schools, districts,  and youth-serving organizations to implement bold strategies for creating thriving inclusive, and student-powered learning communities.

Satisfied Clients

Meet some of the delighted clients we've served.


Our Mission

Our mission at CCM Education Group is to collaborate with educational communities, guided by visionary leadership, to cultivate vibrant, student-driven learning environments that elevate the potential of all students and promote equitable access to quality education.

Guiding Principles

At CCM Education Group, our Guiding Principles drive everything we do. These values shape our decisions, interactions, and partnerships as we work tirelessly to empower leaders and cultivate excellence in education.


Embracing diversity and fostering environments where every student's voice is valued and included.


Inspiring and empowering educational leaders and youth-serving organizations to drive positive change.


Ensuring fairness and accessibility for all students, regardless of background or circumstance.


Driving transformative shifts in resources, structures, and practices to meet the evolving needs of students and communities.


Promoting collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances to expand opportunities and promote student success.

Empowering Educational Excellence

We are dedicated to empowering educational excellence through a comprehensive range of services designed to cultivate leadership, nurture well-being, and foster inclusivity. Explore how our offerings can transform your educational community.

Cultivating Data Driven

Cultivating Data-Driven Leadership

Empowering school leaders to harness the power of data for informed decision-making, optimizing both staff and student performance.
Enhancing Educator Well Being

Enhancing Educator Well-Being

Offering tailored programs focused on fostering educator resilience, promoting self-care, and nurturing social-emotional well-being.

Strengthening Family and Caretakers

Strengthening Family and Caretakers

Providing comprehensive training on effective communication strategies, fostering family engagement, and nurturing community relationships.

Fostering Equitable Leadership

Fostering Equitable Leadership and Practices

Equipping leaders with the essential skills and knowledge to lead with an equity-focused approach, ensuring fairness and inclusivity in all educational practices.
Creating Inclusive

Creating Inclusive
and Welcoming Ecosystems

Establishing environments that prioritize inclusivity and belonging, where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to fully engage and express themselves.

Implementing Trauma Informed Learning Systems

Implementing Trauma-Informed Learning Systems

Recognizing and responding to signs of trauma, and integrating trauma-informed practices into school policies and classroom methodologies to support the holistic well-being of all students.

Client Testimonials

Discover the impact of CCM Education Group through the words of those we've had the privilege to serve. Hear directly from our valued partners as they share their experiences and insights on how our solutions have transformed their educational communities.

We thought your workshop was great! The case study element was a great idea. The teaching artists probably haven't ever done an activity like that. I talked to our Director afterward about how you did a great job modeling that it is possible to build relationships in a short amount of time.  Relationship building is a significant part of that, and you modeled that! Thank you!

Amanda K.
Teaching Artist Coordinator | Field Advisor

Amanda K.

Teaching Artist Coordinator | Field Advisor

In our follow-up workshop to Craig's keynote, the discussions were amazing and I felt inspired, seen, and safe. His leadership lens was personable, unique, and powerful. The art and narrative were well-executed. Thanks to Craig, for creating such a warm space, and stimulating conversation.

Marcus P.
Education Consultant & Leadership Coach

Marcus P.

Education Consultant & Leadership Coach |

As a principal, I've found Craig's mentorship invaluable. His insights into school culture have helped me create a more inclusive and dynamic learning environment that truly celebrates every student's identity and potential.

Miguel T.
School Leader

Miguel T.

School Leader |

As a leader of a nonprofit, Craig's mentorship in school culture work has been transformative. His approaches have helped us create programs that are not only inclusive but also deeply resonate with the communities we serve.

Julia F.
Executive Director, Youth-Serving Organization

Julia F.

Executive Director, Youth-Serving Organization |

Craig's passion for culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and SEL is contagious. His guidance has helped me transform my approaches to teaching the curriculum, modifying grade levels for our special education students, and making it more relevant and engaging for students from all backgrounds, which has had a profound impact on their learning experience and the practice of my teachers.

Gloria M.
Special Education Director

Gloria M.

Special Education Director |

Marcus P
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