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Who is Craig Aarons-Martin?

Learn more about Craig Aarons-Martin, the visionary founder of CCM Education Group. Discover his journey, achievements, and contributions to educational leadership and community empowerment.

Brand Kit

Explore the CCM Education Group brand kit, including logos and guidelines on how the brand should be represented. This section ensures consistent and proper use of the brand in all communications.

Certifications and W9s

Access all necessary certifications and W9 forms for CCM Education Group. This section is designed to provide transparency and ease for partners and collaborators.

Craig's Blog

Stay updated with Craig Aarons-Martin's latest insights and thought leadership by following his blog. Dive into articles on educational leadership, community engagement, and more.

Group Partnership Package

Explore partnership opportunities with CCM Education Group. This package outlines various ways your organization can collaborate with CCM to drive impactful change in education and community development.

Buy Craig a Coffee or Tea

Show your support for Craig Aarons-Martin by buying him a coffee or tea. This small gesture goes a long way in appreciating his efforts and contributions.

Contact Us

Get in touch with CCM Education Group for any inquiries or collaboration opportunities. Fill out the contact form below to reach out to us directly.


Explore Craig Aarons-Martin's speaking engagements and presentations. This section highlights his contributions to various conferences, seminars, and educational forums.

Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion

Discover Craig Aarons-Martin's efforts in promoting equity, belonging, and inclusion. This section showcases his initiatives and strategies to create inclusive educational environments.

Black Mind, Body, and Soul Care

Access a wealth of resources dedicated to the well-being of the Black community. From mental health support to educational frameworks, find tools and information aimed at fostering Black emotional and mental health.
·    Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective
·    Educational Framework for Support

LGBTQIA Resources

Explore resources specifically curated for the LGBTQIA community. This section provides valuable information and support to ensure an inclusive and supportive environment for all.

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