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A Global Appeal for Empathy and Justice for LGBTQ+ People in Ghana

Dear President Nana Akufo-Addo,LGBTQ Ghana Love

As a Black Queer American and a fervent advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, I extend this message to you not only in my capacity but as a concerned member of our global community. The proposed 2024 anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation in Ghana demands our urgent attention, not just for its immediate impact on LGBTQIA+ individuals in Ghana but for its wider implications on LGBTQIA+ youth worldwide, and on the global perception of Ghana and Africa at large.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. poignantly reminded us that, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." This proposed legislation embodies a profound injustice, not only threatening the safety and dignity of LGBTQIA+ Ghanaians but also sending a chilling message to LGBTQIA+ youth globally. It perpetuates a narrative of exclusion and discrimination that stands in stark contrast to the universal values of human rights and empathy that bind us together as a human race.

Moreover, Mahatma Gandhi's wisdom that "The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members" compels us to reflect on the broader impact of such legislation. Laws that marginalize, discriminate, or criminalize people based on their identity do not merely affect those directly under their jurisdiction; they resonate globally, diminishing our collective humanity and undermining the principles of justice and equality that should form the backbone of all societies.

The ramifications of this bill extend beyond its immediate legal implications; it sends a disheartening signal to LGBTQIA+ youth everywhere, casting a shadow over their aspirations for a world that respects and affirms their identities. It risks reinforcing a global narrative that views Africa through a lens of intolerance, overshadowing the continent's rich diversity, and its vibrant, inclusive communities.

In this critical moment, we must choose empathy over prejudice, and unity over division. We must recognize the humanity in each individual, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and remember that our strength lies in our diversity. As leaders, the responsibility falls upon us to foster policies that protect, uplift, and empower every member of society, ensuring that the legacy we leave behind is one of justice, peace, and equality.

I urge you, with the greatest respect and urgency, to reconsider the support for the 2024 anti-LGBTQIA+ bill in Ghana. Let us stand together, guided by the principles espoused by Dr. King and Gandhi, to create an inclusive world where every individual, including LGBTQIA+ youth observing us from across the globe, feels valued, respected, and free to live authentically.

Thank you for considering this appeal for a more empathetic and just approach to governance. I remain hopeful for your leadership that champions the rights and dignity of all individuals.




Craig Aarons-Martin

CEO, CCM Education-Group